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Our Patients Say the Nicest Things

“Dear Dr. Yabu & Staff¸ Thank you for my wonderful crown! After you placed it, I went to the bank. The teller asked me how I was doing & what I was up to that day. I told her I had just gone to the dentist and she goes ‘ugh’ with the expectation that I had just undergone something unpleasant. I thought, what the hell, and asked her if she could tell which one of my teeth was fake (BIG smile). She had no idea. Slow day at the bank, the teller next to her goes, ‘I wanna try.’ She studied me, then asked for a hint. ‘Top or bottom?’ I said, ‘top.’ She picked my half-dead, caramel-colored tooth. Needless to say, they both took your name. Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work, patience, and perseverance.”
– Willy W.

“Dr. Lim, you have genius hands.”
– L. L. L.

“Drs. Eric Yabu and Geraldine Lim are two terrific individuals, who make an even more terrific team in tandem. They are both skillful clinicians and kind care givers, who provide a special level of dental care for their patients: you get the benefit of both their knowledge when seeing either one of them. I respect them on a professional level as knowledgeable and progressive colleagues. I admire their dedication and willingness to learn and embrace the latest advances in dental technology. In addition, on a personally level, they are kind, affable, and down-to-earth people. Great people, great clinicians, and great care. What more can you ask for?”
– Dr. J. H.

Dental Care Testimonials Oakland CA

“Dear Dr. Yabu, Thank you for your continued dedication to my dental health!

One usually doesn’t reminisce about ‘the first time you met your dentist’ but recently I was struck by the idea that it’s going on 10 years (!) that you first helped me. You may not recall but I certainly do. You came highly recommended by one of your regular patients. I was suffering from some nasty pain and swelling in a permanent tooth and was in the midst of an infection because of the problem.

You saw me immediately, performed a thorough work up, and offered clear options with explanations of possible outcomes. Not only did you find the cause of the problem and take swift and painless steps to heal me but your concern for my overall health really impressed me.

Since that emergency treatment so long ago I’ve grown to appreciate every facet of your practice. You weave the best of technology with the consummate attention and commitment to your patients. From your wonderful receptionist Carol, through the skillful hygienists, the Lim & Yabu dental practice is everything one could hope for. My wife Nancy feels the same about you and we always compare stories about how pleasant it is going to your office.

As I ‘celebrate’ my 10th anniversary as one of your patients, please accept my on-going gratitude to you, Dr. Lim and your entire staff for taking such great care of me and my wife. I am always looking to send you more patients – even at the risk of ‘sharing OUR dentist’ with them!”
– Dan A.

“Drs. Lim and Yabu are gentle and reassuring practitioners, in addition to being technically excellent. We developed a dental plan which included replacing childhood metal amalgam fillings with natural looking ceramic fillings and replacing one lost tooth with a permanent implant. The implant tooth is so natural in feel and appearance that, not only do I completely forget that it is not a natural tooth, but I had to point out to the dental hygienist which tooth was actually an implant. I consider Dr. Lim and Dr. Yabu members of my family.” – Bonnie S.